About EDU8213

EDU8213 is the Newcastle University code for a Masters module titled “The Future of Learning”.  This module forms part of the MA International Development and Education and the MA Education: International Perspectives.

This iteration will see us open up access to the class for free, for the second time.   The first half of the module will adopt the 100Minut.es format developed by Jonathan Worth.  It will be an asynchronous and distributed conversation amongst five selected specialists. Each participant will contribute a 10 minute audio recording which addresses the central question “What is the future of teaching and learning”.  Each recording is then passed along the chain of other speakers before returning for a second 10 minute round of replies and responses.  The “conversation” will then be published in 20 minute sessions over a five week period.


We’re using Twitter for reactive class note taking and short form conversation during sessions, and then inviting participants to blog more long form reflections and responses on their own sites.  Details about the class and how to get involved can be found at How to, Sessions and Schedule and additional questions are addressed at FAQ.  For any further questions or queries please contact us at james.stanfield@ncl.ac.uk.

For several years this module has been taught to predominantly international students in a closed classroom.  However, it seems to us that teaching a class about the future of learning in a classroom dynamic that was designed two hundred years ago isn’t a very holistic approach and so we hope that by removing as many of the barriers to engagement as possible, we might foster a more inclusive and at the same time, distributed conversation. 

Furthermore, we definitely do not have all of the answers.  Hopefully, by drawing on the cumulative knowledge of our entire class (both in Newcastle and elsewhere) we can come to a better understanding together.  The majority of students taking this module in Newcastle will be from a variety of different countries around the world.  As a research led university we are therefore interested in understanding what impact this approach will have on their learning experience. 

All of the materials are licensed openly CC-BY and participants/co-learners are encouraged to use them to propagate the conversations in their own networks using the hashtag #EDU8213 throughout. Those distributed dialogues can then be aggregated back in the EDU8213.org web site and if you set up a local onsite iteration of your own please let us know and we will link to you from EDU8213.org.

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This is a collaborative project involving James Stanfield (@jamesstanfield1), Jonathan Worth (@jonathan_worth), Kate Green and Edward Jenkins.