How do I follow a class? is your one-stop shop for most things. You can download the sessions as they are published, see the twitter stream and any aggregated blog posts. It’s also where we’ll post any updates to the schedule etc.  Follow @EDU8213 on Twitter for class related tweets and follow the team, JamesJonathan and Kate.

Starting on Tuesday 11th October 2016 five sessions will be published over the following five weeks. Each session will be published as an MP3 file which you can download.  Each publication will coincide with the live class taking place at Newcastle University in the UK. Reactions to the sessions should be tweeted using the hashtag #EDU8213, links to longer form reflections and responses should also be shared with the connected class using Twitter.  The audio file featuring guest speakers delivering a session will then remain freely available online allowing the debate to continue indefinitely.

How do I know what is happening each week?

At the outset we pose a big question “What is the future of teaching and learning”, there is then a Privacy Workshop followed by five sessions intended to stimulate dialogue and interrogation. The five sessions will address a wide range of issues relating to this big question.  We have a schedule page that lists all of the sessions, the content for each session becomes available on the day it is held.

How do I share my reactions and reflections?

Twitter is the place for engagement in the live class conversation, but then if you want to share more long form reflections or make responses of any other nature (maybe you’re happier recording spoken responses for example) then please do this on your own blog (WordPress or Blogger for example) or social media site, (Facebook or Google+ for example) and tweet us the link.

Will I be able to ask the guest speakers a question and will they respond?

We will be using the hashtag #EDU8213 so that all members of the community can ask and answer questions, so drawing on all of our combined knowledge. We hope that members of our community will share positive, constructive peer-feedback and support through the various environments including Twitter and Facebook.  All of us on the team will be joining the conversation and trying to respond to questions and comments, please do join in yourself and support your peer learners.  The guest speakers will be replying and commenting as much as possible for the duration of the live classes.

How do I run a local class?

The materials are all licensed to enable you to reuse, adapt or adopt them. If you want to have the live experience then you’ll need to listen to the audio with your local peer learners at the same time as the class is running in the UK. We all listen to the lectures with earphones on our on devices as this means everyone gets to listen at their own pace and pause whilst they tweet notes or reply to other people’s, typically a 20 minute lecture will take about 40 minutes for everyone in the room to get through. Then we have a short break to refresh and decompress, before going into a second hour of unpicking the global set of notes aggregated by searching on the hashtag #EDU8213 . Please let us now that you’re having a local iteration as we’d love to shout out to you!