Laura Czerniewicz & Liz Losh

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Laura Czerniewicz & Liz Losh on the future of teaching and learning

Twitter handles : Liz Losh – @Lizlosh  Laura Czerniewicz – @czernie

Laura Czerniewicz is an educator, researcher, strategist and scholar in multiple spheres.  She has worked in the field of educational technology at the University of Cape Town for over a decade, previously working in publishing in Zimbabwe and South Africa.  She is director of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) and her research interests include open scholarship and open education broadly, academics’ and students’ digitally-mediated practices, and the nature of digital inclusion in a changing higher education environment. Some of her presentations are on Slideshare and you can find her at and on Linkedin.


Class Photographs by Jonathan Worth CC BY-SA 4.0

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Laura Czerniewicz


Liz Losh

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