The Future of Privacy in Teaching and Learning

Privacy is a personal value that “is so integrally and inextricably linked to personal dignity that it remains an “ultimate” or “final” value of tremendous social importance.”

play-button Watch Audrey Watters’ talk on Privacy and Trust in Open Education.
Think about the different themes she raises

next-1Consider and reflect

What does privacy mean to you?

Should these same values be respected in both institutional and non-traditional learning environments?

What is a private exchange of information?

play-buttonIn a group, listen to Cory Doctorow’s talk on Privacy and Trust in Open Education

next-1Consider and reflect

On questions that you think the future learner should ask themselves before learning with the digital.

On questions that you think the future educator should ask themselves before learning with the digital.

EDU8213 Privacy Manifesto

This is where the EDU8213 co-created privacy manifesto will live. This will be made during the first week of the class for the collaborators to share a common understanding of what privacy might mean in the context of this learning environment. Come back soon!

Homework on the Move

Listen to the remainder of the Speaking Openly videos and write a reflective piece (300 words). This can be written on or offline.

Click here to access the videos
*Top Tip* listen to these on the move like podcasts.

Readings, viewings, listenings…

Education Specific:

Article: Are universities collecting too much information on staff and students?

Article: Domains in a Post-Ownership Society

Podcast: Chips with Everything

Non-education Specific

Interactive Documentary: Do Not Track Me

Article: 2 Location Apps can Reveal your Identity

Article: Oversharing and Privacy, a Public Concern

Video: Cookies sound yummy, but most aren’t good for you.

Article: Machine Bias

Tweet privacy/data related stuffs with #EDU8213privacy and share with the community. (Kate will upload them into this space as a central co-created resource hub)


Exercises and Tools

Take This Lollipop


You are Where you Go

Lightbeam Plug-in


Check out #PrivacyUG, the Open and Underground Class



Hey! I’m Kate and I am running the privacy show for EDU8213. However, I am by no means an ‘expert’ in data privacy and I admit I don’t have all the answers and I’m not always sure I am asking the right questions, but I’m trying to figure some of them out through doing my PhD. So be gentle, I’m learning too!

Super looking forward to exploring what role privacy plays in the future of teaching and learning with you all!