What knowledge and skills should a child acquire?

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In preparation for today’s provocation we’re going to listen to a segment of this interview with Sir Ken Robinson , Scott Klemmer and Sugata Mitra (http://bbc.in/1DXLRn3  9:46 – 22:55). Wherein they are asked what the big challenges in education around the World are? How do we ensure everyone learns to the best of their ability? Is new technology the answer? And what does it mean for teachers and pupils?

Sir Ken Robinson@SirKenRobinson
Scott Klemmer@DesignAtLarge
Sugata Mitra@Sugatam

Class Photographs by Jonathan Worth CC BY-SA 4.0

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BBC Clip  (9:46 – 22:55)

Live Questions

“If the current system in public education is premised entirely on this obsession with measurement and evaluation. Reducing education to skills is where the problem begins, because the evaluation then can only be based on the performance of those skills. Might we instead ask what kind of a 12 year old do we want to raise for the future and what are the values that they will be engendered with? The subsequent question is then, how do we then put those values to test?” – Nishant Shah @latelyontime


“Are we in danger of creating the 12 year old as a monolithic figure? All 12 year olds are not the same. They have different contexts and experiences and their education has to respond to that, instead of trying to build a standardised template. To presume that all 12 year olds would need the same skills is erroneous. Where do we bring the context granularity and nuance that is the promise of connectedness and digitality?” – Nishant Shah @latelyontime


“How do we acknowledge the subjectivity and the desire of the student. They bring their own aspirations desires and longing to education. For some it is a chore and for others it is a privilege. Can we find a way of measuring that, as we figure out the efficacy of our evaluation systems?” – Nishant Shah @latelyontime


New Questions 5/11/15

“If knowing is becoming obsolete will this not discourage children from thinking for themselves?” – Anonymous


“Is there anything that you think children can’t learn from the internet and each other?” – Anonymous


“While the internet is clearly useful for sharing information will it also help in the creation of new knowledge?” – Anonymous


“What happens if/when access to the internet is compromised by external actors through censorship of content?” – Anonymous

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